INNOSCAPE 2023 also invites the posters in the conference. The posters are welcome as an opportunity to publish late-breaking results, case study, smaller research contributions, works-in-progress and student projects in a concise and visible format.


INNOSCAPE 2023 concordially accepts 6 key topics with brief explanation as follows:

  1. Circular Economy & Waste Management: Explaining your case study and/or work in progress in the area of waste management and circular economy
  2. Decarbonization & Carbon Tax: Explaining the implication of your state of working progress and case study to decarbonisation as well as the effect of carbon tax
  3. Food Security & Resillience of Food Supply: Elaborating the food security and their implication on food supply on your organization or in your work progress
  4. Smart Technology for Eudaimonic Tourism: This will connect between smart technology and the relevancy of it to eudaimonic tourism aspect
  5. Data Science for Disaster Risk Reduction: Substanting data science and the benefit for reducing or mitigating disaster risk
  6. Sustainable Design for Inclusive Business: Elaborating sustainable design product or production process in the context of your case study or general research


Poster Content

  1. Statement of Topic: A short title.
  2. Abstract (Description): The abstract is a short description of your poster.
  3. Purpose — What was the intent or goal of the study? What did you want to learn?
  4. Background/Significance — What was the problem and why was it important? What knowledge are you building on?
  5. Method — What was the design? What was the sample? What instruments were used? How was data collected and analyzed?
  6. Results — What were the findings?
  7. Conclusions — What do the findings mean?

Poster Format & Preparation

  1. Poster length is about A1 Size, Colourful Poster, and 1-page poster. Please send representable poster image that can be enlarged and printed properly to this A1 Size.
  2. Selected poster presenter is required to present offline on 14 February 2023
  3. Deadline: 10 February 2023, submit your poster to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  4. All poster presenters will receive certificate & 3 best posters will receive attractive prize
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